Peculiar Pets™ are no longer available for wholesale

The Peculiar Pets will no longer be offered for wholesale purchase. Over the last couple of years the price of the chenille blankets has tripled, and it has gotten much harder to acquire. I appreciate all of your orders and support over the years, and I will be working on new products soon!

Peculiar Pets™

Peculiar Pets are made using repurposed damaged vintage bedspreads. Once the damaged area is removed, the "good part" is used to create the pets. They are stuffed with fiber fill that is 80% recycled plastic water bottles, and then embellished using wool felt and hand stitching. The pets are machine washable, making them suitable for children as well as adults.

Peculiar Pets are all one of a kind, as we can only get so many out of a bedspread. No matter how hard we try, no two ever end up looking exactly the same. All felt embellishments are hand cut and sewn, so each pet has its own personality. Also, because of the different fabric types, some pets are slightly larger than others. Because of the use of vintage fabrics (some may be 50+ years old!) there may be fading, or small discolorations on your pet. We feel this just adds to the charm and individuality of your pet. Rest assured, we would never send out a stained pet or one with a hole. The pets are all checked numerous times before leaving the studio to insure you will receive a healthy strong pet, sure to be around for a long time.

Click on a pet to see a larger version

Bear with blueberry

Bear with tree

Monkey with banana


Monkey with underpants


Dog with cat

Cat with bird

Rabbit with carrot

Dog with bone

Cat with nip

Rabbit with pea pod

Owl with star

Sheep with heart

Pig with mushroom

Owl with moon

Sheep with mint jelly

Pig with strawberry

Rat with flower

Alligator with fish

Long dog with hot dog

Rat with cheese

Alligator with balloon

Long dog with bone

Fish with worm

Long cat with fish bone

Snake with apple

Fish with lemon slice

Long cat with hair of the dog

Snake with mouse

Whale with goldfish

Cow with flower

Elephant with balloon

Whale with shell

Cow with bell

Elephant with peanut